Montmorency... the cherry with MORE.

There are over 50 studies exploring the potential benefits of the Montmorency varietal, ranging from inflammation relief and exercise recovery to improved sleep. Try our Montmorency tart cherries, and see what this North American super fruit can do for you.

Gout & Arthritis

Impact of Tart Cherry Juice on Joint Flexibility and Pain in Individuals with Self-Reported Knee Osteoarthritis

Cherry consumption risk of recurrent gout attacks

Lowers uric acid

Reduce inflammation in women osteoarthritis

Uric acid levels and inflammation

Heart Health

Intake of anthocyanins

Tart cherry-enriched diets reduce atherosclerosis

Stroke-related phenotypes

Effects of Montmorency tart cherry supplementation on cardio-metabolic markers


Effects of Montmorency tart cherry supplementation on endurance athletes

Effects of powdered Montmorency tart cherry supplementation

Reduce muscle pain during running

Roll of cherries in exercise and health

Oxidative stress and high intensity cycling

Exercise-induced stress

Health benefits of cherries and potential applications in sports

Montmorency cherry juice reduces muscle damage

Recovery facilitation with Montmorency cherries

Prevent symptoms of muscle damage


Melatonin in tart cherries

Nutritional interventions to enhance sleep

Melatonin levels and enhanced sleep quality

Effects of Tart Cherry juice on sleep


Lowers uric acid

Tart cherry juice in fibromyalgia patients

Consumption of cherries lowers plasma urate

The Effect Of Antioxidant Cherryflex® Supplementation


Sour cherry anthocyanins as ingredients for functional foods

Chemical profile and antioxidant capacities of tart cherry products

Tart cherry anthocyanins suppress inflammation

Tissue bioavailability of anthocyanins from whole tart cherry

Synergistic action between medicinally active constituents in sour cherry