Grower Owned & Vertically Integrated

We are proud of our roots…

Being a grower owned company allows Shoreline Fruit to offer only the finest products from our orchards directly to you. Grower owned means sourcing and securing the land, selecting the saplings that populate our orchards, to carefully growing and caring for the fruit from blossom to harvest. Our grower owners ensure us that we only bring the finest fruit products to you, our customers. Our owners have been recognized for their committed stewardship of the land they call home.

Our growers are also committed and passionate in preserving and protecting the American dream of allowing and keeping the family farm healthy so they will prosper for generations to come.

Sales & Service

By building strong relationships with customers and vendors, our customer service team provides the finest service and overall experience for retail and specialty food marketers, distributors and processors alike. At Shoreline Fruit, we offer a broad selection of the finest cherry products, dried fruits and nutraceuticals available anywhere. By building strong relationships with our customers, vendors, employees and local communities, we also provide the finest service and overall experience—for retail and specialty food marketers, distributors and processors alike. We are a vertically integrated family of companies, distinctly equipped and dedicated to incorporating innovation, productivity, flexibility, sustainability and ultimately excellence, into everything we do.

Vertical Integration

Shoreline Fruit is uniquely positioned to raise the standards of quality throughout the growing, processing and marketing of our products. Our vertically integrated organization includes a cooperative of growers as well as dryers, pitters, packers, freezers, and storage facilities. From the planting of each sapling to the shipping of each order, our family of companies is working together to provide every customer with a consistently superior product and experience.

Young Cherry Orchard


Traceability begins in the orchards here at Shoreline Fruit. We use labeling and numbering systems combined with scrupulous record-keeping to carefully track our products throughout the growing and processing stages. This enables us to immediately isolate and address any potential issues or questions, should they occur. Traceability is a vital part of the quality and safety assurances provided by Shoreline Fruit across our range of products.



Shoreline Fruit is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our fine fruit products. We adhere to the strictest guidelines for quality and food safety, which includes constant monitoring and testing of our products during every stage of processing. Shoreline Fruit’s plants have stringent quality control, R&D and HACCP programs in place to provide safe, and consistent quality products. Our plant is also NSF-audited. In a collaborative effort, our growers are among the first cherry farms in northern Michigan to earn GAP certification for compliance with Michigan Department of Agriculture standards for Good Agricultural Practices. Shoreline Fruit facilities are Kosher Certified by Star-K and our dried fruit products are Kosher Certified by Star-K or Star-D.

Quality Fruit

Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously at Shoreline Fruit. The importance of working alongside nature is emphasized by our location in the Great Lakes region of North America—the world’s largest source of fresh water. Virtually nothing is wasted as we reuse, recycle and repurpose our resources. Environmentally safe pest control, integrated pest management and alternate row and border spraying minimize pesticide and fungicide use by as much as 70 percent. Water is reused in processing then reclaimed for underground irrigation. Pits are dried for use as an efficient source of fuel. Ecologically sound proprietary processes enable us to reduce energy usage. In the orchard or the processing plant, every decision we make is designed to raise the quality of our product while lowering our impact on the earth.

Environmental Stewardship And Sustainability

For the growers of Shoreline Fruit, growing cherries is as rewarding as it is demanding. Our exceptional fruit is a result of hard work and good agricultural practices that draw on many disciplines such as chemistry, meteorology, entomology and ecology. Our growers believe the land we leave for the following generation should be in better condition than when we found it. So they manage alongside nature, not against it, as they design improvements and make the changes necessary to not only solve problems but to circumvent them before they occur. Successful farming is a way of life for our growers and their families, and it is a life they love.