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4 Skincare Benefits of Turmeric

Glowing skin is always in… and there’s a powerful spice that can help your skin to be clear and bright! This magical skincare boost is Turmeric. You have probably heard of Turmeric used for many other health benefits, but did you know it can also help with cosmetic concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation and overall tone and texture?

So how does this spicy secret help improve skin? Turmeric is made of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties which can cleanse, calm and brighten the skin.

Here are 4 skincare benefits of Turmeric:

  1. Promotes a Natural Glow
    This deep yellow spice has been known to bring out the skin’s natural glow. Turmeric cleanses pores and stimulates collagen growth for healthier, dewy and brighter looking skin.

    Turmeric has been used for centuries around the world for skincare benefits. In fact, it is traditionally used at Indian weddings on the bride by applying it all over the body for a radiant glow on her big day.

  2. Combats Sun Damage and Aging
    Excessive exposure to UV rays is one of the most damaging external factors to your skin. Sun damage can cause skin cancer, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles! Turmeric is a powerful source of antioxidants, which help prevent free radicals (like UV rays and pollution) from negatively impacting your skin’s elasticity.

    Your skin produces elastin, which is what keeps your skin soft and youthful. When elastin production is prevented, the aging process is accelerated and deep wrinkles form. Turmeric has even been known to correct hyper-pigmentation that has already formed by giving skin cells the nourishment they need to replenish themselves and shed damaged skin.

  3. Clears Acne and Reduces Scarring
    Turmeric is a natural antibacterial that helps prevent bacteria from spreading on the skin, which is often the cause of acne. This spice is an anti-inflammatory which calms the skin which reduces acne flare ups and redness. Turmeric has also been known to help fade hyper-pigmentation and dark marks formed from acne.
  4. Hydrates and Soothes Skin
    Particularly during the winter season, skin can get dry and irritated. Turmeric provides deep hydration to dry skin, and helps to exfoliate dead skin cells so that soft, supple skin can be revealed. Turmeric also promotes overall skin health which protects future damage caused by weather and the environment from occurring.

    Because of its anti-inflammatory benefits, people with eczema or psoriasis have used Turmeric to calm flare ups.

    There are many ways you can enjoy the benefits of Turmeric for your skin. Some of the most popular ways people incorporate Turmeric is in their food, infused in tea, using turmeric skincare products and face masks, and also taking it in an easy supplement form!

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    Turmeric is a great source of manganese, iron, fiber and vitamins… contributing to your body’s overall health and wellness. So moral of the story… Turmeric has incredible benefits both internally and for the appearance of your largest organ, your skin!

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